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Education Everywhere Strands

Image by Avi Waxman


WPS supports forward-thinking leaders in cities, regions, schools, and systems to help them develop expansive, rigorous, and transformational Education Everywhere learning ecosystems.

We envision helping cities and regions utilize their community as a lab for learning to ultimately create high-impact Education Everywhere learning ecosystems that empower learners, connect communities, and provide seamless schooling experiences. 

WPS equips students and families to create, navigate, and take advantage of learning opportunities in an Education Everywhere ecosystem.

WPS provides guidance, insights, and curated resources that help students and parents participate in the kinds of empowering, connected, and seamless educational experiences that result in an Education Everywhere ecosystem. 

Parents and families who are looking to exercise their agency to participate in and create more relevant and flexible learning experiences come to WPS for guidance, facilitation, and partnership.


Direct Support for Student &  Families


Innovation Generation Engine

WPS helps change leaders develop and scale new solutions to advance the Education Everywhere ecosystem. 

WPS spurs innovation by convening, coaching, and supporting those who can contribute new ideas and tools that advance the Education Everywhere ecosystem. Parents, educators, entrepreneurs, and technologists with a vision for Education Everywhere seek out WPS for guidance, facilitation, and partnership.

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