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About Us

Catalyzing the shift to connected, empowering, and unbounded learning

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We support forward-thinking leaders to develop learning ecosystems that transform student experience in school and beyond.

WPS offers communities a lattice of support to catalyze innovation:

  • vision and program design

  • exposure to innovative learning models nationwide 

  • seed funding 

  • professional learning

  • ongoing implementation support

  • evaluation and program documentation

We provide direct support for students and families to participate in empowering, connected, and unbounded education.

The Community Learning Lab on the WPS Newton campus brings together partners who serve middle and high schoolers, exploring ways to supplement traditional schooling with programs that foster student agency, connection, creativity, and purpose. 


Newton Community Learning Lab

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Shared Learning & Capacity Building 

We inform and inspire the shift to learning ecosystems.

  • Convening diverse stakeholders to share insights 

  • Contributing to thought leadership through collaboration with researchers and on-the-ground practitioners

  • Curating real-world models of education everywhere ecosystems, across a variety of traditional and nontraditional settings 

What we're hearing from our partners

"We worked with WPS to pilot, and it's been the thought partnership that's been the most valuable around piloting some new approaches with a population that is representative of the Salem Public Schools."
-Superintendent: Salem Public Schools, MA
"I felt that this experience truly defined what professional development should be. It was "professional" in that I felt respected in my ideas and practice given the high level and format of discussions. It was true "development" in that I feel I have grown as a teacher, feel inspired, and can actually take back what I have learned to the classroom."   
-Teacher: Lawrence Public Schools, MA
“The community and people within the program were really valuable. They made the classes more engaging. It already was, but the people made it interesting. The activities were also super engaging, and I learned lot form the curriculum.”
- 1st generation college freshman: Boston, MA

We imagine a future where learning thrives everywhere. Everything we do helps to bring this ecosystem to life. 


Since its founding in 2017, the Winthrop Park School has offered programs for teachers and students with a focus on fostering educational innovation and opportunity. We aim to advance a new model of education where learning thrives everywhere, in schools and beyond; where students and their families are empowered to shape their own educational journeys; and where entire communities contribute to the education of their young people. 

Strategic anchors that define our work at WPS

  • We have a future-oriented mindset and strategy. 

  • We seek transformative change at scale. 

  • We specialize in facilitating meaningful, relevant learning and fostering adaptive change. 

  • We take an inclusive approach to engaging multiple audiences, and work across silos. 

  • We ensure the most timeless and human elements of education are present and preserved: the value of learning as humanistic, metacognitive, inductive, and collaborative. 

Let's Work Together

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