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Catalyzing the shift to connected, empowering, and unbounded learning

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Since its founding in 2017, the Winthrop Park School has offered programs for teachers and students with a focus on fostering educational innovation and opportunity. We advance models of schooling where learning thrives everywhere, in classrooms and beyond; where students and their families are empowered to shape their own educational journeys; and where entire communities contribute to the development of young people.

Three essential outcomes

At WPS, we take an "education everywhere" approach. We work to develop learning ecosystems characterized by connected communities, empowered learners, and unbounded schooling.  

Connected Communities

Community members support schools and expand what is possible, while schooling leverages community assets more effectively to enhance learning. Learning is made more relevant by the nature of being embedded in the community and the opportunities to expose students to real-world challenges, solutions, and debates. 

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Learning is empowering, meaning that it is structured in a way that challenges students to co-create their learning goals, make choices and decisions, and experience the benefits of taking ownership of their education. 


Unbounded Schooling

Learning is continuous, flexible, and not restricted to or constrained by industrial-era constructs that are no longer necessary constraints due to advances in technology, logistics, and human capacity. Learning extends beyond any single grade level, school year, or school day. Students and adults alike develop identities as lifelong learners.

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