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About Us

Our Approach

WPS works to catalyze the shift to connected, empowering, and unbounded learning while ensuring the most timeless and essential human elements of education are present and preserved.
In Education Everywhere communities, 
  • Students develop agency to take charge of their learning journeys

  • Educators play the role of coach, guide, and mentor

  • Community members are empowered to advance student learning 

  • Authentic learning experiences bridge school and community; K-12 education and higher education; and the world beyond

  • Advances in technology and logistics are harnessed to support learners and families in new ways


Community Innovation in Salem

WPS supports forward-thinking leaders in cities, regions, schools, and systems to help them develop expansive, rigorous, and transformational Education Everywhere learning ecosystems. 

Let's Work Together

Are you a forward-thinking community leader with a vision for education everywhere? We want to hear from you.

Past Work

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