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Register Today: Essex County Learning Cohort

Updated: Sep 9, 2023

WPS has partnered with Power of Place to offer a year-long professional learning experience for Essex County educators. Cohort participants will engage in:

  • Coalition building activities

  • Site visits to exemplary middle school models

  • Multi-stakeholder visioning activities such as Portrait of the Graduate and Back to the Future protocol sessions

  • Design based thinking to craft a solution for their school community

Do you work in one of these districts? If so, we would love for you to join us!

Learn more about this opportunity and preregister for our first session kicking off at the end of September.

This working group of middle school enthusiasts will wonder together:

● What are the assets of the middle school stage of life? How can we leverage these assets for a more engaged learning experience?

● What are the developmental needs of learners ages ~9-14?

● What is the “typical” middle school experience in America today?

● What is the purpose of middle school?

● Who is drawn to teach and lead in middle school settings? What do they have in common?

● How can the community be part of the middle school experience?

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