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Connected Learners

  1. Feel connected to community

  2. Have strong and healthy relationships

  3. Can speak to relevance of learning

  4. Participate in learning in and outside of school

  5. Are engaged in the community

  6. Create work that has an authentic purpose and audience beyond the classroom 

Empowered Learners

  1. Know their interests

  2. Engage in self-reflection

  3. Set and achieve goals

  4. Feel a sense of agency

  5. Take ownership of showing what they are learning

Unbounded Learners

  1. Are working at an appropriate level of rigor and challenge

  2. Are building competencies that enable them to pursue their interests

  3. Exhibit a growth mindset

  4. Are academically proficient and growing

  5. Regularly attend school

  6. Are engaged in and outside of school in relevant learning

  7. Enjoy learning

  8. Have a vision for their continued education

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