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Our Approach

Boldness, Creativity, & Heart

At WPS, we take pride in being problem solvers who are not afraid to take risks. We believe that with boldness, creativity and heart, there is nothing we can’t accomplish. 

WPS works in a manner that:

  • Adopts a future-oriented mindset and strategy, intentionally balancing an approach that honors, but also looks beyond, traditional ways of schooling. 

  • Seeks transformative change at scale, pursuing bold programs and interventions that have the potential for significant scale and impact.

  • Specializes in facilitating meaningful, relevant learning and fostering adaptive change because individuals need space to explore, learn, and unpack critical questions that help them develop enduring and deeper-level understanding. 

  • Takes an inclusive approach in engaging multiple audiences and working across silos.  WPS not only works across silos, but helps to bridge connections, leverage partnerships, and build trusting relationships across differences.

  • Ensures the most timeless and human elements of education are present and preserved because WPS believes—and research confirms that—learning is humanistic, metacognitive, inductive, and collaborative. WPS calls attention to these aspects of learning and works to ensure they remain present and are expanded in any discussions and design of Education Everywhere systems.