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Community Innovation

We support forward-thinking leaders in cities, regions, schools, and systems to help them develop expansive, rigorous, and transformational Education Everywhere learning ecosystems.

Program Partnership

WPS partners with Salem Public Schools by offering a lattice of support: ongoing design collaboration, funding, professional learning, weekly classroom-based implementation support, partnership development with local community organizations, and exposure to a national peer network of innovative learning models.

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Pilot Overview

The pilot team has devoted significant time to building a strong culture of student belonging, responsibility and respect, which is an essential foundation for self-directed and community-embedded learning. The academic program cultivates engagement and relevance by equipping students to be active designers, makers, and problem solvers in their community. 

What Families are Saying

“[Studio is] really fun, really engaging, it challenges your creativity. It gives you the opportunity to be yourself and make things that you wouldn't be able to do in a regular classroom. And you get lots of opportunity. You got everybody can make something … it's fun[and] I never like don't want to do [it] because it's the creative element that entices me. I love being creative.”


"I have loved the opportunities [my child] has had to represent himself in front of others beyond the school. It’s definitely allowing him to grow as an individual but also a team player." ---Parent 

“[In the pilot] we get to interact with things that you wouldn't normally get to in a regular classroom. You get to experience like outside of the classroom, which helps me because I always want to go places and do things and this program is perfect for that. It's all of like, everything that I needed and one which is like a dream come true..." ---Student 

“Lilly struggled the last two years and this year she is engaged and excited about learning. She’s coming home and telling me about her day instead of just saying “it’s fine.” I feel like Lilly has grown both socially and academically." ---Parent 

"Brian talks about engaging topics, explores new way of learning, and makes connections to real life through his experiences in the pilot. For example, the pilot went to Boston to see the “Embrace” sculpture, and later that week he wanted to take us to see it. He accurately and confidently walked us from Faneuil Hall, through the Common, to the statue. We were impressed with his knowledge and his willingness to share with us.” ---Parent 


Let's Work Together

Are you a forward-thinking community leader with a vision for education everywhere? We want to hear from you.
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